Generic Assessment Form


Keeping in mind that the Australian banking sector is very highly regulated the level of information required for expats is much the same as it is for residents. Online application forms are fine for small amounts of information but tedious and difficult to secure for more detailed forms. We have tried to make our application process straight forward and we would appreciate your feedback. We have prepared a simple Generic Application Form - click to download and save the form. Adobe Acrobat 11 does allow you to edit and save information so that you can simply complete and email or if you prefer you can access our secure document upload system this system does not rely on OpenSSL.

If you only require a preliminary assessment of your loan options then go no further. However if you want us to begin the real application process then we will also need you to send supporting documents - please see page 2 on assessment form.

If you have any concerns or need assistance please call Aust. 61 3 9021 0984 or Skype - andrew.peaches (Australian time please) or email: --

We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve this option for you.