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"Your mortgage broker - VIRTUALLY NEXT DOOR"

Thanks for all your work! We are delighted that everything went smoothly and will certainly recommend you to other expats, in fact Don has already passed on your details to one of his colleagues.
You made buying a house from overseas very easy!
Thanks so much.  Kelly and Don

You might think that someone with a portfolio of around 50properties would have no need of assistance. Not so it is always preferable to use a good-quality broker when setting up a new mortgage,or doing a remortgage, to sort through all the possible alternatives.

It was all the more important in my own case because, although an Australian, I had never applied for a mortgage facility in Australia before. Although the general procedures are much the same in both UK and Australia, the actual detail is quite different. I was fortunate in getting guidance from you. Your staff were enormously patient, and really went out of her way. The number of e-mails we generated over several months was legion, but the application itself, thanks to all the prior work, was immediately successful.

Now for the next one! - Dr John


I just wanted to say that it has been some months since I first contacted you. Andrew Hunter patiently answered all our questions over a period of time. Shamiella was incredibly friendly, helpful and most efficient. I can't speak too highly of them.They are a great team.

Thanks!!! We expect to reapply for a further loan in the future. I also hope to be able to refer others to you. 

Rob Bos


Thanks so much for the update and for making this so painless from my end - really appreciate it!!

Andrew M - Singapore


Thank you for all the help. The entire process was the most painless that we have experienced! We have confidence recommending you to anyone.

Thanks again, Linda and David


Thanks for all of your help, you really went the distance for us after the majority of lenders has dismissed us after 5 minutes. Thanks for the effort as well during the Xmas holidays as it was nail-biting if we were to hit that completion date on time. 

The Bank's product is excellent as well, the service is tons better than any other bank we have dealt with. All in all an excellent job well done. With the added bonus of the rebate the whole deal has been brilliant and I would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Regards,   Martin Clarke

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